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Micropigmentation and Microblading

The Microblading method of Semi Permanent Make Up utilizes a hand-held tool comprised of 6 to 14 microneedles. The blade is used to insert pigment into the upper layer of the skin. The color remains close to the skin surface, leaving behind crisp strokes that replicate natural hair. (not recommended for oily or thin skin types)

Microblading treatments typically include two appointments, the initial treatment followed by a touch-up appointment six weeks from the initial treatment date

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Lip Blush is a permanent makeup treatment that creates a soft blush of color for the lips. Pigment color is selected based on your natural lip color and is gently shaded into the lips. Post-treatment swelling is common for a few days following the procedure. The mouth is a prominent facial focal point; by enhancing the natural lip pigment, the lips will appear fuller and more feminine looking. Lip Blush is excellent for someone with pale, thin lips or anyone that wants a sexy plump look.

* Lip Blush pairs well with lips enhanced with lip filler.

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This PMU technique creates a soft subtle powder effect similar to eyebrow make up. Currently, Microblading is an extremely popular PMU treatment, but not everyone is an appropriate candidate for Microblading. This service offers an excellent alternative.

Endless powder brow is appropriate for almost anyone. It creates a long-lasting “Brow Make-Up Look” that fades slowly and evenly over time.

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Saline/salt removal is a safe and effective way to remove or lighten unwanted permanent make up. A saline solution is tattooed directly into the unwanted PMU, causing a hypertonic reaction. Simply the saline flushes the pigment out of the skin.

Multiple sessions may be required, and results vary.

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A lash line tattoo is safe, long-lasting, waterproof, and smudge-proof.  A thin line of pigment is safely implanted along the eyelashes. Treatment is completed in 2 sessions six weeks apart. It doesn’t require downtime and can last up to 2 years.

Scars come in all shapes and sizes. The goal of this treatment is to add pigment that closely matches the surrounding skin color to camouflage the appearance of the scar.

Overall results may vary. Pigment retention may vary. Treatment may need to be conducted over several sessions to create the desired result.

{ Raised scars are typically not recommended for scar camouflage treatment. However, there are other treatment options available to improve their appearance. Consultation is required.}

{ Keloid scars: Treatment for this type of injury requires the attention of only a specializing Physician.}

• Permanently over groomed or misshaped eyebrows: anyone that has been the victim of improper brow shaping and has suffered permanent hair loss from over waxing, tweezing, or threading.

• Cosmetic allergies: individuals that suffer from skin sensitivities and allergic reactions caused by cosmetics.

• Visual issues: individuals whose poor eyesight impairs their ability to see themselves in a mirror.

• Motor dysfunction: physically impaired individuals that struggle to apply their makeup.

• Busy and time-pressed individuals: micropigmentation creates convenience and efficiency, reducing makeup application time.

• Physically activity: athletes, swimmers, and anyone that has an active lifestyle.

• Hair loss: anyone that has experienced hair loss due to aging or medical conditions (illness such as Alopecia or medications such as chemotherapy).

*  Anyone who wants a more enhanced and attractive appearance.

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Med Spa Services

”We don’t have to sit back and resign to the aging process; we can gracefully challenge it with noninvasive treatments and medical-grade skincare to continue to look healthy and vibrant.”

Restorative Skin Treatments

I specialize in a collection of restorative skin treatments that deliver transforming results. As we age, sun damage accumulates in the form of pigment irregularities, wrinkles, and skin laxity. These issues are not treatable with basic skincare products or spa-like treatments. In order to influence change and improvements in the skin, products and procedures must have bioavailability to improve the skin on a cellular level. 

“Skin Goals”  Uniform skin tone, Refined texture and Improved laxity.

Photo facial, also known as IPL, is a revolutionary technology that repairs sun damage beyond the surface layer of skin. The results are extraordinary and genuinely produce a more youthful appearance.

An irregular completion is a key contributor to aging a person’s appearence 10 years or more.  Freckles look cute and youthful if you are under 30, but after that, they appear as what they are, sun damage and age spots. My goal for my clients is to help them achieve a clear and even skin tone.

Photo-rejuvenation therapy/IPL  is one of the best non-invasive, no down time restorative skin treatments. It’s like a ”Magic Eraser” that eliminates brown spots,  inflammation, and broken capillaries.

It works by projecting light and heat into the skin to shrink cells and vessels that cause these unsightly demarcations on the face. 

A series of 3-6 treatments is recommended for optimal improvement.

To keep the skin in great shape, I recommend an annual maintenance treatment along with routine use of medical grade, antioxidant based skincare and wearing a physical SPF every day.

*Diffuse redness
*Sun damage
*Pigment irregularities
*Small veins and broken capillaries
*Tighten the pores
*Improves the health and condition of the skin. 
* No Down Time

One of the best noninvasive technologies available to combat aging is Ulthera. This treatment is FDA cleared to fight sagging skin on the face, neck, and wrinkling on the décolleté.

Ultherapy is great for anyone looking to freshen up their appearance and is not ready for an invasive facelift procedure. If you are looking for a treatment to help improve your profile, neck, and jawline. This is it!

Non-invasive skin tightening Ultherapy improves the appearance of your profile by specifically tightening the skin on your neck and jawline.

Ulthera works by sending high intensity focused ultrasound energy discreetly into the connective tissue layer to stimulate collagen remodeling. Treatment takes approximately 90 minutes and requires no downtime.

* FDA approved
* None Invasive procedure
* lifts neck, chin, brow,
* Improves lines and wrinkles on the décolletage.
* No downtime, no impact to the surface skin.
* Stimulates the body to produce collagen.

Single treatment.


Other Restorative skin treatments

Micro-needling with Radio-Frequency/ PRP

>Micro needling with PRP

Non-wounding chemical peels

Clinical  Facials

Laser vein treatments

Body Sculpting

“ Physical Fitness Goals”


Contouring procedures like Coolsculpting and EMSculpt offer excellent results to tweak and contour those areas that are difficult to exercise away. You know those places where you can always pinch an inch —-Abs, hips, butt,  thighs, arms, and the back.

“Lets Chill”

If you are a fit person with stubborn fat bulges that you struggle to diet and exercise away, Coolsculpting can help. Those areas are flanks, abdomen, bra bulge, the banana roll( roll of excess fat under the glutes), inner and outer thighs.  Coolsculpting utilizes a novel cooling technology that permanently reduces the number of fat cells in the treated areas. Treatments are entirely non-invasive and require zero downtime.

Contact me to schedule a body sculpting consultation.


”Improve your Game”

Did you know you can build muscle without visiting a gym or lifting weights?

For aging adults, core strength and stability are critical to an individual’s overall health and wellbeing.  Our modern-day busy lifestyle can interfere with physical fitness goals.

From an aesthetic perspective, EMSCULPT treatments are excellent for anyone that wants to achieve a flat six-pack. It’s ideal for patients that are within their appropriate weight range base on age and height but are struggling to see muscle definition. If you have excess fat or muffin top, I recommend debulking the area with Coolsculpting then an EMSCULPT treatment series. Beyond appearances, a strong core is critical to balance and stability. Any aging adult could benefit from an EMSCULPT treatment. 19% new muscle tissue is developed and

16% of fat in the abdomen is burned.

Let’s face it. We all want to up our game.  I recommend this treatment to any healthy, active adult.  But for those who play the following sports and want to improve their competitive edge (golf, tennis, equestrian rider, surf, and ski or any sport that requires a strong core), EM-Sculpt might be just the thing that can up your game!

EMSCULPT’s unique non-invasive technology relies on HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) energy, which allows muscle contractions at their maximal power. The contractions are even stronger than what you could achieve during your voluntary exercise; a power level termed supra-maximal muscle contractions. This high-intensity muscle work leads to remodeling and enhancing a person’s muscles as well as fat burning.

It’s the only FDA approved treatment that builds muscle.

Treatment is clean and comfortable; it’s completely non-invasive.

Results are seen in weeks.


Contact me to schedule a body sculpting consultation.


Feminine rejuvenation


”Repower Your Delicate Flower”

Aging and skin laxity occurs everywhere, including the vagina. Once a woman reaches perimenopause, changes to her most delicate area can start to emerge and disturb her quality of life. It’s a sad thing to experience your feminity diminishing daily and not know what to about it.

ThermiVa rejuvenation treatment enables women to address internal and external deterioration of the vagina that occurs as a result of childbirth and the natural aging process. The benefits of ThermiVa therapy include tightening of vaginal muscles, reduction of sagging, an increase of vaginal moisture, enhanced ability to orgasm, and urinary incontinence relief.

This is a simple treatment that takes 3 30 minutes sessions; there is no downtime or interruption of your daily life.


Benefits of this Influential treatment include:

*30-minute treatment
*Increased moisture and comfort during sexual activity
*Zero downtime
*Strengthened vaginal muscles
*Instant vaginal tightening

*Increased vaginal sensitivity
*Improved comfort and confidence in tight clothing
*Reduced stress urinary incontinence (bladder leakage common after vaginal deliveries)

Contact me to schedule a  consultation.


”Ask a Skincare Professionals”

I love helping people achieve their skin goals, and I love educating them on products that function to repair and protect their skin.

Skincare is the nitty-gritty of self-care. Consumers spend billions of dollars on creams and lotions not only for good hygiene, but to make them feel good and help keep them looking young. The majority of products that you’ll find here on Influential Beauty have been formulated based on clinical research and scientific data proving their efficacious anti-age benefit. I try to make people aware that they are making an investment; the products used in particular on your face should produce a result—otherwise, you are washing your money down the drain.

With that being said, buying skincare in a market of thousands of options can be overwhelming.  I love helping to put together individualized custom skincare programs based on skin type, sun damage, and age. This is key to achieving results.

  I’d love to put to work my professional ingredient experience and  working knowledge of the skin to craft a custom program that will deliver real results and improvements. I’m available both in person and virtually. Send me an email to book a consultation.

If you’re not local ”No Worries” send me an email  with a photo of your skin including a message about your skin struggles and what your skin goals are.  I will send back a plan that fits your needs and all the links to my product suggestions. (I can ship products everywhere.)

Contact me to schedule a  consultation.



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