Medical Skincare Vs. Over the Counter Skincare.

Results Results Results. It’s that simple. Over-the-counter products typically can’t produce an anti-age effect likes those sold through licensed professionals. The primary benefit of anti-age skin care is sun damage repair, which over time translates to a more refined completion. After consistent use of medical skincare, the skin should have a smoother texture with less […]

Why work with a skincare Pro?

Professional skincare providers have an advanced education on skin biology and function. They also have advanced knowledge of different skin conditions, skin issues, skin disorders, skin types, and they’re able to carefully select products that fit these various skin issues so that results are ultimately shown. Where do you buy your skincare products from? The […]

Welcome to Influential Beauty by Jennifer Verdini

Influential beauty is an online beauty and anti-age destination. That features premier non-invasive to minimally-invasive skin and body treatments that have a transforming effect on a person’s aesthetic appearance. ” Helping people look as good as they feel” is my specialty.       Also, Influential beauty will feature the latest in anti-age medical skincare products and […]