Medical Skincare Vs. Over the Counter Skincare.

Results Results Results. It’s that simple. Over-the-counter products typically can’t produce an anti-age effect likes those sold through licensed professionals. The primary benefit of anti-age skin care is sun damage repair, which over time translates to a more refined completion. After consistent use of medical skincare, the skin should have a smoother texture with less visible pigment irregularities and a more radiant light-reflective supple quality.

Translation “REAL” Glowing Skin.

The difference between medical skincare, also known as cosmeceuticals versus over-the-counter skincare, is the potency of the active ingredients and the formulations. These products are designed to improve and repair the skin on a cellular level, which means these products can be absorbed into the skin to reach the cellular level to create an impact on your DNA. The ingredients chosen are based on data and scientific research supporting their efficacy and ability to repair cellular damage, improve immune function, support barrier function, stimulate collagen production, and reduce inflammation.

These products are sold and dispensed by professionals only because of their potential to irritate if overused. It’s crucial to be guided by a skincare professional on proper usage to create the desired outcome and avoid undesired side effects.

Think about how many times you’ve purchased products from the drugstore, the department store, and have not seen a change or improvement in the health or condition of your skin.

A thoughtfully planned out medical skincare program based on your individual skin’s improvement requirements, such as texture issues, pigment issues, age, and lifestyle, can accomplish a meaningful transformation. The right products are vital to producing this result. They will help keep your skin well-maintained and offer continual support for your skin for LIFE.

I encourage you to book a consultation, get informed, and take the time and start the work.

What’s the worst thing that can happen, beautiful, healthy, radiant skin. 🙂



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